I don’t tend to get out much these days, mostly because I’m tired after long days and because those days are long, by the time I’ve finished it’s pretty late anyway. However, I made an exception last night, by golly.

The lovely Jen Campbell (fabulous writer and poet and long time friend of the blog) had an event over at the fab Simply Books bookshop in Bramhall (where I launched Not So Perfect a few years ago – oh, memories!) for independent booksellers’ week, and I realised I’d be a fool not to pop along. So pop along I did.

We had a little chat, I gave her cake, and then listened to her talk to a packed house about book selling and her books: Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops (which she came here to talk about), its sequel, MORE Weird Things (which is newly out), and her poetry pamphlet, The Hungry Ghost Festival (which I’m reading and loving).

And it was a great night, with lots of laughs. I’m glad I went. I should do things like that more often.

And here are some photos:


Jen and yours truly


Jen signing for Sue from the bookshop.


And Jen, doing her thing. Top banana.