There’s clearly going to be a little bias when I talk about The Drowning of Arthur Braxton. It’s written by Caroline Smailes, whom I co-wrote Freaks! with, and it’s published by the magnificent Friday Project. But let’s not talk about bias or let than get in the way of what is truly a remarkable and brilliant novel. I love Caroline’s work (as you probably already know) and I think this is her best yet.

It’s a story of love and its power and it’s the story of loss too. It’s a fairy tale. It’s heartbreaking, and touching, it’s funny and it’s brilliant. It’s sweary too – very sweary. It’s also a book that features an awful lot of erections.* I read it in one sitting (pretty much) and I fell in love with it. I know the word ‘masterpiece’ is used a little too often but I genuinely think that that’s the only way to describe it. It’s wonderful. You should read it.

I was going to say something along the lines of ‘It’ll be a hard one to put down’ but thought better of it. Clearly.