Here’s me interviewing the brilliant Aimee Bender a couple of years ago

The Nik Perring Show

So. How do you write an introduction for an interview you’ve done with someone who you regard as the best writer alive today?

Maybe you say something like, this person’s books are my favourite. Or, this person’s stories are the ones I’ve re-read the most often and enjoyed a huge amount every time. Maybe you say that reading this person’s books changed you as a writer, that they made you realise what can be done with the short form and that, actually, you CAN write the stories you wanted to write in the way you wanted to write them.

All of the above is true.

So, I guess, all that’s left to say is: here’s my interview with magnificent, the wondrous, the lovely and the brilliant Aimee Bender. Enjoy. I certainly did.

Welcome to the blog, Aimee. It’s a huge honour to have you here. To be honest, there…

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