Six or seven years ago I was asked by the then regional head of libraries ’round my way (a lovely lady called Pat, if memory serves, which I hope it does) if I’d run a writing group/teach classes at a nearby library. That library was Bollington library. I said yes, and I’ve been doing it, and enjoying it, ever since. We’ve done all sorts, and the sorts of things you’d expect. There’s critiquing, workshopping, writing, homework (sometimes), a friendly and supportive atmosphere. And we’ve put together anthologies for charity (and raised a little money for them), held live reading evenings. All sorts. It’s lots of fun.

Recently though, our numbers have dwindled. Some people have decided that six years is enough for them. (I don’t blame them at all!) Others have moved away, been poorly, published their book etc etc.

So now there’s space!

So if you know of anyone in the south Manchester area (it’s between Macclesfield and Stockport) who might fancy coming along, do let them know. It’s £4.50 for an hour and a half (half five till seven every Tuesday) plus a small donation (usually about a quid) to cover the room hire.

If you could spread the word I’d be much obliged. Thank you!

(If anyone has any questions then you can give me a shout by using the form on this page.)