Freaks! is finally here! Released as a paperback and eBook TODAY!

It’s a collection of 50 short stories. It’s a collaboration between me and Caroline Smailes. It’s illustrated by Darren Craske. It’s about people with super powers, real and imagined. And I am absolutely proud of it.


As Caroline says here, it actually started out as a bit of fun. Caroline hadn’t written in a while and, for one reason or another, I’d not either. So we wrote each other a story. And it WAS fun. So much so that we did it again, and it grew and grew and, somehow, turned into this collection.

I loved writing it. I loved exploring different themes and different ways of writing about different things and I loved working with Caroline (even those times when we didn’t quite agree on things). And I loved seeing how Darren interpreted the stories, how his awesome illustrations added that extra bit to them.

And today it’s published. I hope you enjoy it. I honestly don’t think there’s anything quite like it out there. There’s a woman who can freeze time, and a boy who can talk to insects. There’s a girl who can fly but can’t quite get her landings right. There’s a Minotaur. A chameleon girl. A plastic boy. There are letters. And ghosts. Even a mermaid.

So yes, I hope you enjoy it.


And I must say a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s been kind enough to host one of the stories on their blogs. Keep an eye out – they’re popping up everywhere.

And a huge thank you to Caroline and to Darren too.


AND, there’s a competition over on Twitter.

Tweet to tell us (@nikperring, @Caroline_S, @darrencraske, @meandmybigmouth – or any combination of the above!) using the hashtag #freaks

what your ideal super power would be. 

The winner receives an illustration (that would be PERFECT as an avatar) of themselves as a super hero (with their power, of course). It’ll be unique, bespoke even, and it’ll be drawn by our very own illustrating genius, Darren. How cool is that?


Thanks all. Now, fingers crossed people actually like it!