Tomorrow Freaks!, the collection of stories I wrote with the brilliant Caroline Smailes, illustrated by the magnificent Darren Craske, is published. HOORAY!

And, to celebrate, we have a competition for you. It will be on Twitter and it will be fun.

So, what it is this competition you ask. And I’m glad you did.

You need to tweet to tell us (@nikperring, @Caroline_S, @darrencraske) using the hashtag #freaks

what your ideal super power would be. 

The winner receives an illustration (that would be PERFECT as an avatar) of themselves as a super hero (with their power, of course). It’ll be unique, bespoke even, and it’ll be drawn by our very own illustrating genius, Darren. How cool is that?

The comp starts tomorrow. I cannot WAIT to see what you choose.