Hello and a happy Easter/Passover to all who celebrate such things.

I have a favour to ask.

As you might have heard, Freaks!, my illustrated (by Darren Craske) short story collection, a collaboration with the brilliant Caroline Smailes, is published on Thursday (cue: lots of nerves and excitement) and I’d love you to be involved in the celebration. Do you fancy it?

So, here’s the plan. We have a very short story from it to give away. And what we’d like is for you to pop it on your blog for us at some point over the next couple of weeks. EVERYONE is welcome (the more the merrier) and as a thank you you will receive an abundance of virtual cake and a free eBook copy of the collection. And my never faltering gratitude.

So, who’s with us?

If you’d like to be a part of the celebration (we would love you to be) either pop a comment below, or you can email me by using the contact form on this page.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!