Two bits of rather splendid news today. The first is that the brilliant Andrew Kaufman (you can see my review of his brilliant The Tiny Wife here – it was also my book of the year, last year) has read Freaks! – and he’s had this to say about it.

“Read it and be amazed! Before you finish you’ll already be thinking of who to buy if for. It’s a circus sideshow made of words: dare to enter and become astonished to discover yourself on stage, in the staring role. I guarantee that by the time you finish reading this book you’re not only recognize your inner freak, but you’ll have learned to love it.”

That, quite rightly, makes me very happy.

The second is that the book has been printed! Our most wonderfully splendid publisher received the parcels today. Here’s a little snap he took from The Friday Project HQ:


And in other news it’s World Book Day. I did a morning short story session at my local library, and shortly I shower, find some food, and head off to Congleton to be a part of a panel. I think we’ll be talking about books that are significant to us. I think I know which I’ll be talking about. I’d love to know yours…


So.  I need to eat now. And be excited. More soon.