So. 2011. It’s nearly over and done with and in the past. Nearly a yesteryear. And that’s probably a good thing. It’s good to move forward. It’s good to not get snared by the past (says me).

2011 was a funny year. A bit polar. There were some wonderful moments in it. Some moments of loveliness and beauty and fun and happy. But there was also some difficult times. Really difficult times. Times of loss and of great sadness and disappointment and frustration.

I think I’ve learned more in 2011 – about me, about life, about others – than I have in any other year before it. And, though some of those lessons were painful, I’m glad of them. Things happen for reasons, even if those reasons are bad which, usually, they turn out not to be. But they are what they are. It is what it is, so they say.

So to friends,to readers of this blog, to people who’ve been ace, to people who’ve bought my books, and to those who’ve enjoyed them – a heartfelt thanks. To those who’ve been huge and significant this year, who’ve shared things with me, I can’t thank you enough; you’re special.

And to everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope 2012 brings you all you’d like it to.

I received the proofs for Freaks! yesterday so I know how my first day back in the office will be spent. I hope your new years get off to a fab start too.

Be safe and be happy.