Hello all! Apologies for the relative recent silence. But I have been busy. I’ve been enjoying the online flash fiction course I’m teaching. I’ve been busy with edits for The Story Corrective (watch this space for some festive offers and discounts). And I’ve had a pretty busy personal life for a change (mostly to do with meeting my new nephew).


Mostly though, I’ve been busy writing. Which is good – it is what I do. And I’ve been reminded how bloody hard it can be. Which is also good. Because writing IS hard work. As well it should be. My latest story has taken me three weeks of pretty intense work to get to a point where I’m happy with it. But now I am happy with it. Finally, after draft after draft after draft, and with a little help from a trusted reader (I thank you) it’s done. And I am shattered. And reminded that, no matter how long we’ve been doing something, there’s always an awful lot of space for us to learn more about it.