I hope you will excuse this brief, Doctor Who based interlude, but there are one or two things I must say and one thing I HAVE to ask.

So. I think it’s pretty much fact that the series is a darned sight sharper now the brilliant Stephen Moffatt is at the helm (and that’s said with no disrespect to RTD who did a fine job, despite episodes that I thought were a little naff). I thought the last series was brilliant (save two episodes) and it’s mostly been so far so good with season 6 (Doctor Who’s the only thing I actually watch on the TV), despite me not being all that keen on yesterday’s episode.

And this brings me to my question.

Last series, Rory died. Or rather, he never existed. (The crack got him after he was shot by that bugger of a Silurian.)

Then he came back in the form of a Nestine Duplicate. Yes? You following? Good.

In that form (ie made of plastic with a laser gun stowed in his hand) he guarded the Pandorica for a couple of thousand years. Yes? Good. That’s what I thought.

So, how come, as of yesterday’s episode HE WAS HUMAN?

If I’ve missed something, please do tell me. I am one confused author/Doctor Who fan.

Thank you. As you were.


Added, a little later: and it’s all been cleared up now. I was confused and (all right, I’ll say it) wrong. Glad we got that out the way. Now, really, as you were.