First up: stories. They are important, especially for a short story writer like me. Which  probably goes without saying.

And today I’m over at the brilliant Dan Powell’s blog talking about them – more specifically, I’m talking about My Life In Short Fiction, which is both an honour (I think Dan’s blog is excellent, as is his writing – in my opinion he’s one to watch) and and awful lot of fun. And if anyone can tell me what the GCSE deaf story is I might even send them a book.


What else? Well there’s been a fair bit of behind the scenes work on FREAKS! which is shaping up so, so well. I am really, really pleased with it.


In other, not so great news, I’ve been a little under the weather with an infection that almost hospitalized me (I was stubborn and the doctor was kind and let me go home)  when I first got it back in 2008. But, being no less stubborn today I have not let it effect my work too much. Writers can be tough at times.

And that’s about it, I think. Well, it is for now.Except to say thanks to all for their Facebook and Twitter good wishes – they, of course, mean a lot.