So, we’re here. Finally. This is blog post number 1000!

(I warn you now, this post is a big one. But only because of all the free and discounted stuff I’m giving away!)

First off, thanks to all who’ve dropped by here to read, and an extra special thanks to those who’ve come back. I honestly wouldn’t have kept at this were it not for you.

So, to celebrate…

This blog, as far as I’m concerned has always been about two things: me burbling on about things I find interesting, and trying to spread the word about good books and fiction and stuff.

So, here’s what I would like you to do. Over this week, I’d like you to recommend a book/arts/writer’s blog here. Put it in the comments with a link so people can see and visit (and they’ll see your blogs too, of course).

And what do you get for doing this? I’ll tell you what. You’ll get the chance to win a signed copy of one of my books. Either my children’s one, ‘I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do?‘ or my short story collection, ‘Not So Perfect‘. I’ll pop names into a tin and pick them out at random (ie when I feel the urge). There will be five winners and I’ll write whatever those winners would like me to in their books.


In my other job, I edit and give feedback on short stories. This usually costs £45. If you send in a story and include the passcode ‘1000’ I’ll do it for £25 (limited to the first 10, with the first one being FREE).


And here’s a first (well, two firsts, actually!). I never post my own stories here, but as today’s a little bit special I’ve decided to make an exception (well, two exceptions!).

Here’s a never seen before story. And it’s a love story. I think it’s the only love story I’ve ever written and it feels kind of appropriate.

I Have Never Kissed You in a Taxi
Nik Perring
I have never kissed you in a taxi. It’s true and I tell you that. You say, ‘What?’ so I say it again.
            I smile. Meet your eyes and I speak, all serious, like this really, really matters. I really think it does.
            I tell you a second time. But before I do I shift closer, put a hand on yours to make my words heavy.  
            ‘I have never kissed you in a taxi,’ I say.
            You frown and smile at me, both at the same time. You say, ‘Really?’ and when I nod you go on, you continue, you say, ‘Is that really important?’
            Important? Of course it’s important. It’s everything to me.
            I want to kiss you everywhere.
            I want to take you to Paris, take you up the Eifel Tower, right to the top and I want to kiss you there. I want to take you to Berlin and to Boston and to China – press my lips to yours by the Great Wall. I want to take you everywhere, to show the world that you’re mine, to them all just what we’ve got.
            Then I say, ‘I’ve ordered a cab.’
            ‘When for?’ you ask.
            I look at my watch and say, ‘About half an hour.’
            You ask me where we’re going.
            ‘I don’t know,’ I reply. ‘It doesn’t matter.’
            You do that smiling-frowning thing again. You look at me. ‘But I don’t know what to wear,’ you say, ‘and even if I did there isn’t enough time for me to get ready.’
            ‘That doesn’t matter either,’ I tell you, because what matters is kissing you in a taxi, because we’ve never done that before. Because I want to show you to the world.          
            And because I never want us to run out of places to kiss.


So, what are you waiting for?

Once again, a really heartfelt THANK YOU for reading and for your support. It means an awful, awful lot.

Looking forward to your blog suggestions.

Much love, thanks and appreciation,