So, it’s that day when greetings cards companies are about as happy as they get. Oh yeah, and people talk about, and celebrate, that crazy little thing called love. Which is no bad thing. It makes the world go ’round after all, doesn’t it?

Now, anyone who’s read my stories or my books may have noticed that I don’t do love stories. Not in the traditional sense. Mostly, when love’s involved, it’s in some sort of tragic way. I’m not very good at love – and I have tried. And that’s why, perhaps, I have so much admiration for anyone who CAN do love well.

So, in the spirit of that, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Here’s love done, in my opinion, very well.

First up, Jaymay. I LOVE the words here and the story as much as the sentiment. If I were to ever get married I think this might be a strong contender for first dance.

And then there’s this. I don’t think it matters which version you listen to, it’s simply a beautiful, beautiful thing. I think an old Johnny Cash singing it gives it a little extra. It feels as though he’s had years to know that this is exactly how he feels.

Any other suggestions?


And only 12 posts to go now, till the big 1000!