The very lovely Claire Marriott has a piece in the current issue of Writers’ News about the evolution of language. It’s a good piece, and interesting. And there’s a bit from me in there too, on why I’m drawn to short fiction.

And I said (among other things you’ll have to buy the magazine to see..) this:

“I like that, in the short form, we’re able, as writers and as readers, to get right to the point. We have the opportunity to tell the story of a moment, or a series of moments, efficiently and in one sitting. Often, the stories are exactly as long as the moments they’re telling and I think that means that they can be effective, affecting and – I hope – accessible and, in some way, familiar. It’s a bit like a first kiss – it may not last all that long but it stays with us for a long, long time.”

I just thought I’d mention it.