It has been a funny old year, 2010. Not So Perfect came out and people liked it. I spent an awful lot of time promoting it, being interviewed and doing events and whatnot and, as a result, I’ve not spent all that much writing or reading. So, when I get round to it, in theory, picking my books of the year shouldn’t be all that difficult (and, added to that – I’ve read some belters, and that always helps).

So, you’ve all that to come.

And I’ve got stuff to come too. Good stuff, by the looks of it. You see, as I’ve not read as much as I’d have liked, I’ve got lots of books here that I can look forward to reading. And some of the more interesting ones have come from The Library of Lost Books – a really, really excellent idea from The Friday Project, that I first mentioned here.

Here are some I’ve been able to get my mucky little paws on.

And you’ll notice the terrific Something Beginning With there which, if you’re familiar with my little blog, you’ll be well aware that it’s a book I consider most excellent indeed.

So, yes. Lots to look forward to.