Forgive me, but I’m about to name drop. And not just once.

First up, I have contributed to this book: How To Publish a Kindle Book. There are a load of great writers in there too, including someone I believe is a genius: screenwriter, John August. Pretty cool, I can tell you.

You might know John August for writing wonders such as this:


And second. Last week a number of people got in touch to say that Not So Perfect had been reviewed in Flash Magazine. (The first was the lovely Vanessa Gebbie, who’s in there too.)

The review was brilliant.

My stories explore “the tortuous joys of human relationships”.

I like that.

And some of my endings “charm by their ambiguity”.

I like that too.

I also like that one of my most interesting techniques “is the manipulation of the boundary between the literal and metaphoric.”

Yep, I was thrilled by the review.

And you know what else thrilled me – that Margaret Atwood has stories in the same issue.

That’s right. Me, Margaret Atwood and John August. Who’d have thought it, eh!

I’d strongly advise checking Flash Magazine out – that’s a subscription I’ll definitely be maintaining.


So that’s enough name dropping for today. Though, did I tell you that one of my stories was used on high school course along with one of Dave Eggers’…?