This blog is over four years old and, in all that time, I don’t think I’ve had a break from updating it. And it’s starting to feel like I need one.

We’ve been through a lot, me and the ol’ blog. The publications of two of my books. Events I’ve organised and done. We’ve raised money for charity. There have been loads of interviews with authors and musicians and things. We’ve helped to promote countless books and their authors, most who’ve been lovely and appreciative, some who haven’t. We’ve been through the supposed good times of a relationship and its subsequent breakdown. We’ve seen friends come and go. We’ve met some brilliant and lovely people. We’ve been through scandals and we’ve been bullied. We’ve even, when I’ve thought better of posting something, shared secrets.

We’ve done an awful lot besides too. And, mostly, it’s been great.

But, as I say, I think I need a little break. I need a bit of time for me, to remind myself who I am and what I do and why I do it. This year, as amazing as it’s been, has been pretty challenging at times and the bad stuff’s starting to take its toll.

So things may be a little quiet here for a while.

Not that you should stop reading, of course. I’ve a few brilliant interviews lined up – including a rather special one with Father Christmas. Oh yes indeed.

And, to all who’ve read over the past four years: a sincere and heart felt thank you. From me and the blog. But, mostly, from me.