So, yesterday I tidied my office. I went through files and folders and cupboards and shelves and GOT ORGANISED.

And I was surprised at what I found. Old drafts of stories. Old drafts (and drafts, and drafts) of books I’d written before deciding they were rubbish. My work for a (pretty crummy) distance learning writing course I did years ago. Enough highlighters to last me a lifetime. Old notebooks.Birthday cards and Christmas cards from people I don’t speak to any more – they’re the things that reminded me how much things have changed in the years that I’ve been writing/trying to write. Eight years. Who’d have thought that!

Anyway. So with the files and cupboards done yesterday, today it was time for me to tackle my desk drawers. To say their organisation had been neglected would be an understatement. But I don’t really keep much in them aside from a bit of stationery and a few odds and ends. OR SO I THOUGHT! (I also thought the drawer was pretty small. Hmm. How wrong one can be.)

This is what came out of it.

Christ on a bike indeed.

So, what was that stuff?

Well, more highlighters. An array of staplers. The camcorder battery I’d been looking for for months. Tape. Stuff. More stuff. Pens. Pencils crayons. Lighter fluid. Even more stuff.

The largest paper-clip I think I’ve seen. (Pictured next to my watch for scale. I don’t do things by halves, you know.)

And this. Which was very much not expected.

(For those younger readers here, it’s called ‘a cassette‘. And it’s an audio book about a chap called He-Man.) Like I said, it’s funny how things change. This used to be cool. And modern. And I used to be young.