So, a good portion of the weekend was spent reading through the entries for the first round of the SlingInk Scribbling Slam. Lots of short story goodness, I can tell you.

What impressed me, as well as the quality of the stories, was the range of them. Some of them had been written to prompts and, as I find when I set prompts for my writing group, the way different authors respond to the same prompt is something that I’ll always find both wonderful and interesting. It’s a truly wonderful thing to see such originality in people’s imaginations and how varied their interpretations are.

So, Scribbling Slammers, I have marked the stories and sent them back to the site. I’ve also left some general comments, which I hope will help. I think they’ll be up for viewing at some point over the next couple of days.

And, to say it again – I was impressed by all the stories. They were all good. There is no need for anyone to worry.


And, speaking of wonderful things…

I got so see my friends’ new baby last night. She was 8 days old and particularly beautiful. Actually the whole thing was really beautiful. I got the sense that the world’s become that little bit more special.


I was also very pleased to see that the launch for Tom Vowler’s collection went well – wishing him all the very best.


I thought Dan Powell reading his story, ‘What Precise Moment?’ here was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed it.