It seems that I’ve been pretty naff with this blog over the past few weeks. I offer no excuses,but I do offer my sincerest apologies. I’m sure you’ve all missed me like, err, well – something you don’t miss all that much.

But I have been busy. And I thought it only right and proper to say what I’ve been doing. (And I thought it would make for a longer blog post. Cunning, I know.)

Mostly I’ve been catching up. Catching up with emails and people. That sort of thing. Getting my office in order. Clearing my desk. And I’m almost there. Almost up to date.

I’ve been writing again, which has been fun.

I have been getting Peter Cook confused with Peter Sellers.

I have been resting. Trying to take things a bit easier. With the book and promotion, this year has been a busy one.

I have been doing a fair amount of thinking too (which has been an interesting experience). I’ve been considering perception – the difference between how one thinks they’re perceived and how others actually perceive a person.

And I’ve been thinking about the timing of things and things happening for a reason and at the right time. That kind of thing.

So there you go.

Now, I’m going to try to reply to the rest of everything that should have been replied to ages ago. And I’ve interview questions to answer.

And talking of Peter Cook – I think this is possibly the funniest monologue in the world. Ever.