Lots of nice (me) stuff to point you towards today.

First up, the terrific Short Review have reviewed Not So Perfect, which, unsurprisingly, made me very happy. You can read that here.

There’s also an interview they did with me a little while ago, which is here.


There’s another lovely review of Not So Perfect here, this time by the lovely Cathy.


I was thrilled to have my first piece of public reaction to the work I’ve been doing over at The Story Corrective. That can be read here.

Sallie says Not only did I get a fantastically comprehensive critique, I also got a wonderfully speedy turn around and some very positive and encouraging feedback worth its weight in gold from a writer of considerable talent.  which, again, makes me happy. It’s good that it works!


There’s what’s sure to be a really, really useful course on creativity over at The Creative Identity here. There’ll be a podcast of me talking to the course creator, the lovely Steph (who knows her onions) as part of the course.

In a nutshell, this is what it’s all about:

The Creative Identity Online course is an eight-week long study of the eight constituents of our writing identity, from the creative yearning to the creative abilities, from the creative loss, to the creative DNA and more. It investigates the products and the reasons of our creative endeavours. This is a reading-and-writing intensive course that will delve into the creative process at large and into the writing one in particular. The Creative Identity map provides an overview of, as well as the basis for, this investigation into validation, scepticism, excuses, fear of expression, abilities and expectations in relation to creativity and the way in which we address it, with a view to reveal why we write what we write and to plan our development by embracing, and not fighting, who we are.


And to celebrate the lovely Story Corrective feedback I’ve decided to be all generous again and offer the full critique, report and edit for £25 (instead of the usual £40) so long as I get the work in before the end of this week. Just quote ‘lemur’ when you send it.


And, as I’ve been talking about reviews – if anyone’s read (and liked, hopefully!) Not So Perfect it would be wonderfully helpful if they took a couple of minutes to rate it or review it over at Amazon or somewhere similar. This word of mouth thing really does help.

And that’s all for now.