My blog is four years old. Wow. That’s come as a surprise.

I started it in 2006, really, to publicly document the publication of my first book and all that went with it – The Roaming Roman Book Tour, readings, signings, workshops – what it was like to be a 26 year old chap with a published children’s book.

And then it became something else, more by accident than by design. It became a funny mix of a journal and something dedicated to spreading the word of interesting (to me!) things, mostly books and stories.

And he we are. I’m not quite sure what it’s grown into or what it’ll become in the future, assuming I keep blogging of course.

A lot can happen in four years. A lot HAS happened in four years.

I published and toured a children’s book. I grew a beard. I shaved off my beard. I opened a library. Ran workshops. Set up a writing group. I wrote stories. I realised that I was a short story writer. I published stories. I was lucky enough to have a collection of those short stories published by a wonderful, wonderful publisher. I interviewed people. I regretted things. I raised money for charity through books. I lost a relationship. I realised that I can be a bit too trusting of people. I’ve been very ill. I’ve learned that some people treat others horribly and that some are utterly lovely. I’ve been thoroughly depressed. I’ve been utterly ecstatic. I’ve been angry.  I’ve met wonderful people, both literally and on-line.

Mostly, I’ve been me and, mostly,  it’s been good, I think.

So, happy birthday, blog. Thanks for sticking with me.

And thanks to everyone who’s read it and who reads it. Thank you.

If anyone has any suggestions for what I could do on here in the future, then do let me know. Likewise, if there’s anything you’d like to ask, go ahead.

Here are some photos that have appeared here over the years.

I met lovely people (including Leila Rasheed in Belgium)

I got a wand
Signed stuff

Did radio

Raised money for Book Aid with the help of lovely authors
And now, I’m looking forward.