Well that was quite a weekend. I got a couple of crappy emails and got stressed but all’s well now, I think. The coolest part(s) of the weekend though was being reminded just how much I enjoy learning stuff, and also realising that I have some very clever friends (who seem happy to put up with my incessant asking of questions). On Friday I ended up talking, at length, with a medical expert about, well, the body. It was fascinating. On Saturday I was with some musician friends, which was great because, as well as enjoying their top company,  I learned stuff from them (some seriously interesting stuff about the re-use of chord sequences: ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Hotel California’ share the same one) and even got to have a play (oh yes, I jammed, baby. I’ve still got it!). Last night I was with a lawyer discussing human rights. It was fab.

And not only because I was learning. It was fab because people were talking about things they are passionate about, and that’s a really cool thing to see. And, of course, they’re all very nice people too.


And talking of nice people – Michelle, from Winning Words has put up the telephone interview I did with her last Wednesday. Click here to listen to me babbling on. I hope I don’t bore you.



Wasn’t Doctor Who good? Steven Moffat: Thank you. You’re great.


And here’s some music video loveliness. This, I thought, was terrific. And hilarious. The things you can do with Pachelbel’s Canon. And skipping. And tango.

And a bit of Baroque N Roll.