It’s rather nice to be blogging about someone else’s cool stuff, instead of my own booky bits and bobs for a change (I like celebrating nice people who are brilliant and are doing brilliant things). So, if I may, can I point you in direction of the brilliant, and lovely, Caroline Smailes’ Hive page please? It’s been created to help promote her latest novel, Like Bees To Honey (which I’m reading and LOVING) but it goes beyond that because it’s both interactive and an awful lot of fun.

And if you look to the right you’ll see the Hive widget – if you’d like on your blog, here’s the code.

Now, back to me. The fab Benjamin Judge (I still don’t know who the fudge he is) has been running his literary world cup, which has been all kinds of fun. I love it. Anyway, I (well, my book – which is back in stock, ahem) just knocked Toni Morrison out of it on penalties.
Benjamin says:
So this is it. The last battle before the draw for Round Three.
I don’t own Nik’s first book, nor Morrison’s second, so, as so often before, we are at one all after two rounds. Winning a Nobel Prize is a good indicator of a good writer. It is no surprise that Morrison picks up the first page honours. Then the underdog strikes back with “We were in the middle row on a plane on a flight back from Europe when my wife threw up a lemur.” Perring takes it to penalties!
First Penalty: Morrison = And. Perring = Her. 0 : 1
Second Penalty: Morrison = Heads. Perring = Colourful. 0 : 2
Third Penalty: Morrison = Bother. Perring = It. 1 : 2
Fourth Penalty: Morrison = Be. Perring = Duvet. 1 : 3
Nik Perring wins on penalties’