Hello. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that it wasn’t spoiled by the trauma of the apparent death of Amy Pond. Like mine was. I very much hope she pulls through. Or that Rory’s gun thingumy was a dud. (I was going to say firing blanks, but thought better of it.)


As I mentioned the other day, I was honoured and delighted to have been asked by the fabulous Nicola Morgan to judge her Wasted Flash Fiction Competition. The results were announced yesterday – and I must say again that I thought the standard was very, very high and that each entry could have won. Picking winners in the two sections (one for school pupils and one for adults) was really, really difficult. Seriously. So a huge congrats to all who took part and well done to those who won or were commended.

Today I’m at Nicola’s other blog, talking about a load of different publishing and writing things. I talk about the things about being published that might surprise someone who isn’t which I, at least, found really interesting – I think I found things out about me in doing that, that I hadn’t realised before.


And a brief reminder that I’ll be on the phone (to YOU if you fancy it) this Wednesday at 8pm. Seriously, it would be great to chat.