First up – big thanks to Decoding Static for a brilliant review of Not So Perfect here, and for interviewing me about it, and writing, and passive sponges here.


It’s been a funny few days for me. I’m not going to say what exactly, but there have been a few things that have happened that have upset me and/or made me rather cross. And the thing is, well two things really – that when rubbish things happen they rarely happen on their own – there are usually other rubbish things queueing behind them. It never rains, as they say. AND, perhaps more importantly, when rubbish things happen we (well, I) tend to focus on them rather than the good stuff. And then interpret moderately not so perfect things (see what I did there!) as being wholly rubbish.

So. After a minor meltdown last night I took the morning off to relax a bit and to think things through. And while it’s true that there certainly have been some rubbish things that have happened of late, I realised that I’m probably being very ungrateful and brattish because I’ve treated them as more important than the good things. Like all the wonderful reviews Not So Perfect’s had, like all the people who’ve read it and said brilliant things about it, for the three wonderful friends who listened to me moan (and moan, and moan), for having a book out that I’m hugely proud of and published by the publisher I love, for the people who’ve texted and got in touch with me, for good friends who care. I could go on.

I suppose what I really want to say is thank you. For the good things. And sorry if I have a wobble every now and again.