First up – it’s day 11 of Rob’s Flash Clash challenge (in which my stories are pitted against the best in their class) and I’m still doing okay, which is rather cool.

Secondly, I was thrilled to be interviewed by Sue Guiney – she asks very interesting questions. You can see how I answered them here.


So, I went to Chester yesterday. For the first time in ten years.*

It was for the first Talking: Books event with fellow authors, and friends, Caroline Smailes and Jon Mayhew.

It was an informal panel type of affair,in front of an audience of 60 or so, where we interviewed each other about all things books – from ideas, writing, editing, getting published, et al. And we took questions from the audience too.

I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. The audience were warm, lively and intelligent, the library staff were helpful and lovely, the venue was perfect and, I think, a good time was had by all. It was also brilliant to be able to meet the lovely Clare Dudman (who’s blogged about it here) as well as other blog/twitter friends (you know who you are!).

Thanks to all for coming along. I can’t wait for the next one.

And thanks to Anna for this:

* Every Wednesday I met up with a very good friend and some of his family, his brother-in-law and his uncle-in-law. We used to go to a quiz. Chat. Have fun. It was good and I remember those times really fondly. On September 1st 2001, after a day at Chester races, friend’s said uncle-in-law and brother-in-law went into a pub to watch a football game. England beat Germany 5-1. As friend’s uncle-in-law went outside to organise the taxi he was set on by a man. Knocked to the floor. His head was kicked as though it was a football. He died in hospital a few days later. He was 40 and recently married. So, despite me being fond of Chester I’d never been back. It was a bit tough going back there yesterday, to be honest, but I’m glad I did. And I’m glad I took a moment to remember a friend who may be gone but who’s certainly not forgotten.