Well. I’m a bit tired (launching your book is a tiring thing). But I’m also very happy. I had a brilliant time last night launching Not So Perfect and I’m so grateful to everyone who made the effort to get themselves to the brilliant Simply Books and to stay and sit and listen to me read, and to ask me questions and believe my answers AND buy my book.

It was the tops!

A couple of thank yous, if you please.

A huge thanks to Simply Books for having us and for being so hospitable (and providing vino and cake).

And thanks to Faye, my publisher, for coming up, for organising it, for being lovely and brilliant and for bringing champagne. It went down a treat.

Thanks to Gary (who probably won’t even read this but I want to say it anyway) – it meant an awful, awful lot that you came up. Thanks, mate. I know it was a long way.

And speaking of people who came from afar – big thanks to Kim, to Andy, to Jo (who came the furthest – thank you!) and to Annie (who wrote this, which I love).

Thank you Kirk, who did a tip-top job of organising some of the more local folk.

And to Carol-Ann who, as photographer, was the busiest person there.

Thank you, everybody!

And courtesy of the magnificence that is Carol-Ann Cunningham, here are a few pics. More to follow…

Me, forcing a book on novelist Andy Duggan 

Gesticulating or miming juggling?

Part of the audience being, err, wowed


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