It’s publication day for Not So Perfect. Hooray and hurrah!

I’m over at Scott Pack’s blog (again) today, where I’ve described, as best as I can, each of the stories in Not So Perfect in no more than six words.

It was a challenge. Again, big thanks to Scott for having me.

A huge thanks to everyone who’s pre-ordered or read the book already, and a really huge thanks to all who’ve taken the time to blog about it, review it or post something on amazon about it. It really does make a difference. So, if you read it and you like it, could you spread the word? Only if you feel you can, of course. (I know I sound a horrible asking that, but it really does help!)

And if you’d like to get yourself a copy, you can do from all good book shops. You can buy direct from my publisher, the wonderful Roast Books, from Amazon, from the Big Green Book Shop, or from The Book Depository (free international shipping)- as well as all the others.

Thanks everyone, so much.

Tomorrow I launch it. Wish me luck!