I am a fan of Cally Taylor. Heaven Can Wait was on the short list for last year’s book of the year. It’s brilliant. It made me laugh and, as I’ve said on here before, it made me cry. I loved it.

Cally, who blogs here, got in touch yesterday to let me know that she’d finished Not So Perfect and that she’d posted a review on Amazon. Naturally I was thrilled.

And then some. She’d read it in one go. She says ‘all the stories touched me emotionally and made me think, wonder or remember.’


I couldn’t read Mr Perring’s stories silently. As each one ended I let out a little ‘Ooh’ or ‘Oh!’ or ‘Wow’ or ‘Eep!” 

and that

‘in “Where Did He Go You Wonder” I found the best two sentences I’ve read this year’


Some praise. It made me very happy.

Thanks Cally.

And, if you should so desire, you can read the whole review here.