Well it’s been a busy old week or two. But nice-busy. I’ve been busy doing nice things. Mostly being interviewed it seems. Which has all been fun and has got me thinking about me and my stories in ways that I don’t think have before.

And amongst all of that I’ve learned that certain places have started shipping copies a little early and I’ve been utterly delightedly, wonderfully, thrilled that people have not only read it already but that they’ve also liked it enough to mention it on their blogs.

So, in addition to the brilliant review it got from the brilliant reviewer, Clare Dudman, over at The Keeper Of Snails last week…

The lovely Ann Godridge talks about it a bit here

(during which she says not only that the first story made her cry (which is both wonderful and something I should probably apologise for) that ‘already I can say without reservations – if you love short stories, if you love the kind that make you pause and think, that linger in the mind – you won’t regret buying this collection.’ ) 

and also the lovely Catt posts a thoughtful and concise review here.

(During which she says, ‘And now you suddenly realise the end is nigh! You are so eager to read on but you hold back; you know that this is going to end, but you don’t want it to.’

So, I’m rather happy with that.

A huge thanks to both Ann and Catt.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy, you can do so at ALL good book shops, including Amazon (out of stock at the moment, but not for much longer), The Book Depository and the brilliant Big Green Book Shop.