Now, I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to paintings and such, but I do know what I like. Not many I can name to be honest. I like Jackson Pollock. I like Salvador Dali. I like Munch (especially this one). I like Malevich.

Last night, following a conversation with a painter (I’ve had a few recently, one of which is definitely another story and one I probably won’t post here because it’ll involve me swearing a lot and saying things like ‘Yes I am a writer and that means that I actually I might understand the creative process’) I have discovered another: Samuel Palmer.

I think this (from here) is just wonderful.

Apparently only six of these kinds of his work are still around. As Palmer was painting in the Victorian era this sort of thing wasn’t appreciated so he had to change his style in order to make money. He did keep doing these though. Thing is, after his death his son, considering them worthless because no-one would want or understand them, put them all on a bonfire. The only six that remained were ones that weren’t in the house.

Shame, huh?

So, err, there you go.

Can anyone recommend a good online retailer of prints? I would like one of these for my office I think.