Well, it’s certainly been one of those weeks.

First my iPod decided it couldn’t be arsed talking to my computer and refused to be fixed by any of the suggestions on Apple’s wonderfully helpful site (I say wonderfully helpful because all of the suggestions take bloody hours to do and have been bugger all use).
Then, on Thursday I fell over. I tripped up a kerb (yes I know, and yes I had had a drink but was far from drunk). So after a spectacular fall (we’re talking Superman impression here) and a rather awkward landing I have (according to my research) sprained my elbow. That hurts. (It’s also a shame no-one saw.)
And I discovered that my arm wasn’t the only thing that got knackered in the fall. I give you Exhibit A: my glasses,which were in my jacket pocket at the time. 
Which, actually, is an interesting one. I’d gone over to a friend’s where we were about to watch the brilliant I Will Smash You *(oh the irony!). I pulled my glasses from my coat’s inside pocket and there made my discovery.
It’s also interesting because I bought them at a similar time to the suit I’d decided I’d not wear after last Tuesday (I talk about it here). I wonder if a part of me did it on purpose. It would not surprise me.
So, all in all, a frustrating week. And that’s not mentioning how busy I’ve been and how I’ve got behind yet again. 
I hope next week’s better. And that I make it through it in one piece.
* The film went down a treat. My friend described it as ‘amazing’ and I would not disagree.