I received my copy of I Will Smash You a couple of days ago and I’ve watched it twice already. It is wonderful and extraordinary. And there’s something about it that’s resonated in me, something that’s truly affecting.

So why? What is it?

Well, it’s 50 minute short film by the ever brilliant Michael Kimball and Luca Dipierro. Twenty people tell a story about an object from their lives and then they smash it up.A girl destroys an effigy of her mean teacher, a woman smashes up her car because it’s cursed. A man’s procrastination is crushed under a block of cement. Someone else destroys an office environment.

It’s a strange film, extraordinary, funny, entertaining and hugely affecting. The one thing that stood out for me was how much anger or frustration people (not just in the film) seem to carry around with them. And it’s startling to see this, and you really do, once they begin to smash up the objects associated with whatever anger or frustration they’ve been carrying around inside them – it’s right there, in front of you, on the screen. Those involved seem to have such a release. It seems to be therapy of sorts and one that seems to work.

I think the most interesting and affecting of all the smashings is this guy, who wants to destroy his grandfather’s favourite hymn.

There’s more info and trailers and things here. Have a look. Buy a copy. I’d recommend it highly; curious, sad, angry, strange and funny – it’s brilliant. And certainly one of the most original films you’re likely to see. I loved it.

I’m musing now on what object I’d most like to smash. There may be more than one.


And, as an aside, I interviewed Michael about his utterly brilliant novel, Dear Everybody here.

And I started another of his novels, How Much of Us There Was, yesterday and it’s shaping up to be just as good.