I’ve been impressed, to be honest.

I’ve no complaints with the screen – that electronic ink stuff really is very clever. It’s very similar to reading off the printed page.

I’ve been reading (and thoroughly loving) Caroline Smailes’ In Search of Adam so I thought it’d be a pretty nifty experiment to continue reading it on the Kindle. And it’s been a joy. No complaints at all on that front. No complaints either on the Kindle’s size or weight – it’s very similar to holding/carrying around a book.

The only things I’ve felt negative about thus far have been the limited choice of titles in the Kindle Store, but I’m sure that’ll get better in time. I’ve also found the keyboard a little bit too small, BUT it’s not a typing gadget it’s a reading one and the only way to make the keyboard bigger would have been to either reduce the screen’s size (which would have been stupid) or increase the overall size of the Kindle which would have made it too big to carry around practically (see: iPad).

So that’s about it I think. For now, at least. I’ll post more thoughts when I have them. In the meantime, for the curious, Scott Pack has been keeping a Kindle diary – see his posts here.