What book would that be, you might ask?

This one, I would tell you.

It’s not out for a little while yet but if you’re interested in publishing for the Kindle or even just how the whole thing works I’d recommend getting a copy. It is thorough and informative and explains (in a way that even I understood) just about every aspect of electronic publishing you could think of.

And I’ve contributed to it.

And so have other good writers.

And so has John August. Yes, I’m in a book with John August. The chap who wrote the screenplays for Big Fish (one of my all time faves – see below), The Corpse Bride (another), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And others.

Didn’t expect that, I can tell you!


And I’ve just (while I was having my hair cut) been thinking about writing and how much fun it should be. Because we all know how much bloody hard work it is. But it should be fun. We should enjoy it.

And I ended up comparing it to football. It’s fun to kick a ball about with your mates in a park, and it’s fun to write. But writing for publication (without meaning to sound like a big head) is more like playing professionally, I think.

Any thoughts?