This came in the post today. It is very beautiful. And someone from the publishers has written my name on the inside so it’s clear who the copy belongs to. And while I’m talking about the publishers (Madras Press), you might want to check them out; individually bound short stories and novellas; proceeds going to author nominated charities, exceptionally beautiful books. Aimee Bender…
I should also say that I was alerted to the existence of the book by the wonderful Short Review.

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I was reminded recently how much I liked the movie, Big Fish, and last night I sat down and watched bits of it (it was late so I didn’t have time to watch it the whole way through).

I love it. Definitely. And I wonder just how much of an influence it’s been on my writing – without me even noticing. Wonderful film. If you’ve not seen it – do.

This might be one of my favourite scenes from it. I love the imagery. And I think I secretly might want my life to be like that.