First up, a huge, huge thank you from me to each and every lovely person who’s congratulated me on the short, short story collection news. I’ve received far more, emails, facebook comments, comments here, text messages, tweets and phone calls than I could have expected, and each one meant an awful lot.

Thank you.


This week’s been mostly an editing week. I’ve been proofing a thing I’ve written for a thing (more details soon) and also reading through a thing I might be writing something about. Again, more details to follow.

And I’ve also been writing (I’m half way though) something for Flash Fiction Chronicles.

So I’m busy. And that’s good.


And I’ll tell you what else is good…

I’ve been trying to get hold of a very, very good friend this week to wish him a happy birthday. I managed it today only to discover I was two weeks early (not like me at all!). I also discovered he’s getting married. So, I’d like to wish M and G huge congratulations and all the happiness in the world – you deserve it. Hurrah and hooray.


And lastly…

After Caroline (who’s also had some wonderful eBook news) and Kelly reminded me how much I love Worzel Gummidge, here’s a little ditty which may stick in your head for a long, long time.

(And if you’re so inclined, you can watch the episode where Worzel gets a Handsome Head here. It is hilarious.)