The cool and/or difficult bit about writing is that, at the time of writing, you never quite know whether what you’ve written is any good or not (though you can usually tell when it’s crap). That’s the thing you usually find out after editing and/or after coming back to it after a few days or longer. And that’s what I’ve been doing – I’ve been looking at the things I’d written around December and, after throwing a few bits into my ‘Dead Story’ folder, and tinkering with the ones that survived (and including one of the things I wrote yesterday), I’ve half a dozen very short stories I’m pleased with. Which is fab and a little surprising.

I think the point I’m struggling to make is: When you’re a writer there’s no need to rush. Stories keep. And they can be improved, even rescued, long after they’ve been written.


And now I need to eat. It has been a long, long week. But a good one, all told.