First things first. Before things get self-indulgent.
Look what the postman brought me earlier…

Yep. A (signed!!!) copy of Girl Aloud by Emily Gale. Really looking forward to reading this. Oh yes. (And you can see me interviewing the delightful Emily here.)
And I think I’m going to write a list at some point, a list of things to do and to change over the course of 2010.
Things like getting out more, and doing more exercise will be on there, as will, perhaps, getting a life and worrying/complaining less.
And I’m thinking about maybe leaving an online writing community I’ve been a member of for a few years.
And on the subject of change…
after I had my hair cut last week I was very bold and I trimmed my beard very, very short. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to go the whole hog and actually shave but, I don’t know, I quite like being relatively un-bearded for the first time in three years.
Look: for the moment I’m not scruffy…

And finally, before I sign off get back to work, the latest edition of the wonderful Short Review’s just gone live. Do have a look.