Well, it’s December next week, and that makes me happy. And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with christmas or anything like that (though I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to christmas day because Doctor Who’s on). It makes me happy because it means that this year’s almost over.

On a personal level a big chunk of this year has been a stinker. In March my four year relationship came to an unexpected and abrupt end (this actually turned out to be a good thing), and I’ve certainly found out who my friends are – that’s been a surprising lesson to learn. As a result I’ve spent far too much time this year being disappointed or cross or both. The sad thing is that a considerable chunk of that has been with people who I thought were friends. I have certainly lived and learned.
Thankfully it’s not all been bad. On a professional level things have gone great. I’ve been writing well and frequently and I’ve a good number of exciting things to look forward to.
And that’s my point. It’s good to have things to look forward to. Like next year. And as we approach December it feels like, finally, I’m almost there, and in a better position to deal with all it will have to offer.