First up, and this is because I didn’t realise quite how eagle-eyed you splendid folks are, an apology. Yes, I posted something here yesterday and yes I took it down. Why? Mostly because it was boring.  

What I said was I’d been feeling a bit lonely and sad, mostly because I’d been reading through old blog posts (from this time last year) and musing on how different things were and, as a consequence, how different I am now (I have improved). I also mentioned I was cross with myself for offending, quite unintentionally, a friend by being vague on Twitter when I was complaining about someone else.
There. Boring, see?
I met up with a couple of friends last night who’d spent last weekend at Hay-on-Wye. And, as they’re extremely lovely people they’d got me a little gift. A short story collection. Short Stories of Today it’s called and it’s from Harrap’s Modern English Series. It was published in 1924.
When I got in I read the Preface, written by J.W.M.. And this particularly struck a chord with me and also struck me as being something that could havce been written today and still be as relevant.
J.W.M. says: The short story…’generates its own power as it moves along. The difficulty with many beginners is bringing it to a standstill’.
I love that. I really, really do.