I finished Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor last night. It isn’t the usual thing I’d read in that it’s a romantic comedy, but blimey, I’m glad I did.

Lucy Brown dies the day before her wedding to her soulmate. In limbo she’s given the opportunity to either head on up to heaven and be reunited with the parents she lost while still very young, or head back down to earth as a wannabe ghost to complete a task which, if completed, would allow her to become an actual ghost and be reunited with her beloved fella.
I’m glad Lucy Brown chose option 2. The task she’s set is to find love for a geek.
I’ve just nipped over to The Book Depository for the above picture of the cover. They say, about Heaven Can Wait, that it’s a ‘fabulously warm, funny and romantic novel, that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure’. and I couldn’t agree more.
It is VERY funny. I lost count of the times I laughed out loud. And by golly is it sad. I made the mistake of finishing it in the pub (yes, where people could see) and had to stop on more than one occasion because I was starting to well up.
Cally Taylor is a hugely gifted story teller, I think that’s her ace. And the characters she’s created are people I could have stayed with for much longer than I did, and I was genuinely sorry when I had to put the book down and leave them.
I’m hardly an expert on romantic comedies, the only ones I’m familiar with are the films, Bridget Jones, Love Actually etc but in my humble opinion, Heaven Can Wait is every bit as good as those, if not better.
Highly recommended by me.
And if it sounds like your kind of thing you might want to head over to Cally’s blog. She’s in the middle of a virtual tour at the moment, all the details are there.
And I’ll be interviewing Cally at some point soon – is there anything you’d like me to ask her?