Megan Taylor thinks my blog is fabulous. Thank you Megan, yours is rather fine as well.

Now, as part of accepting this lovely award I have to do meme shenanigans. Namely: List five obsessions. Megan offered 5 obsessions in her writing which I may do as well. We’ll have to see how I feel further into this post (it’s feeling like a long day already!).
Nik’s Obsessions (or what he’s obsessive about – are they the same thing?):
Fountain pens. (Like you didn’t know that.)
Stats for this blog. (Yes, I’m watching you.)
Getting writing right. (A hopeless one.)
Not being too sensitive. (As above.)
Birds. And leopards. I really like leopards.
And writing obsessions? Why not. 
Seeing things differently/ loneliness
People not being able to get things right.
Or perhaps they’re more themes. 
Now to tag five peeps, whose blogs I think are fab, to interpret this meme as they see fit, should they want to.
I tag:
And talking of leopards, I think Legadema here is about my favourite. Watch her try to mother a baboon cub. Quite, um, wow.