Sorry not to have posted here in a little while. I don’t know what came over me. I have told myself off.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to post here aside from apologies and saying that I’ve been writing a lot (which I have) until, oh, about two minutes ago.
It’s about editing. Now, we all know, as writers, published, unpublished, almost published, that editing’s essential. It’s what changes a story from a good idea into something that others can understand. It makes something good, better, or something very dodgy into something wonderful and cohesive. Editing’s where the work is.
This is my editing process:
1. I write the story, with a pen, in a notebook.
2. I type it up, making changes as I go.
3. I print it off and read it through, making changes as I go. This stage is repeated until I’m happy that it’s Almost There.
4. I read it aloud (and record what I read). – Often things stand out as being obviously wrong AS I’m reading* and can be changed there and then (and this can be anything from unintentional rhymes to structural problems or things simply not making any sense). 
5. I listen to it back. Make changes. Go back to stage 4. 
And so on.
And I just wanted to share with you what I picked up on at stage 4 earlier. Something that reminded me why reading things aloud helps me so much.
*This is what I’d written. And no, I’m not related to Yoda in any way.
“… and when the spots, the colour of clay, on his legs appeared.”

So there you go. Any editing secrets you’d like to share?