Well, I did say a little while ago that I thought things might go quiet here for a bit, while I sorted certain things out. And I’m closer to being able to do that. I’ve just got to get up to date with work first, which as lots of new things I have to deal with quickly keep landing on my desk is proving more difficult, and taking longer, than I thought. I’m not complaining. Just saying.

Anway. Some things you might like to know:
The wonderful Elizabeth Baines is appearing at the Oxfam shop in Didsbury on July 8th.
And the equally wonderful Vanessa Gebbie’s short story collection is now out in paperback.
And now back to work. I’m sure normal posting will resume soon.
PS And I know I said on Twitter that my horoscope said that today was a good for me to get betrothed, but I have done nothing of the sort (there are certain fundamental components lacking) – sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone! And it’s got me thinking, has anyone proposed via Twitter? Or will they? Hmm, I wonder…