I’m back from a truly fab couple of days spent in The South. 

And have been reminded how it feels to talk and to listen. How it feels to meet new people, to be happy for friends who’ve done good. To stroll and watch.  To be somewhere different. To laugh wildly, so wildly you think your head could pop or crack. To think about different things, things other than the stuff that’s been lodged in my head, going slowly septic.
To be me.
And to be reminded that I actually quite like Abba.
Thank you, friends.
Must admit it’s not all roses. I’ve been hard at work pretty much since I stepped off the train (and that’s ignoring the writing I did ON the train), and more work keeps sprouting from somewhere.
But it’s been nice to have considerably more smooth than rough for a change.
I will try (so so hard) to get everything to people who are waiting for things from me tomorrow.