I have been asked to collaborate on a project which I think will be really cool.
It is an art book. It will contain photographs and very short stories. The photographs are Katherine Lewis’. The stories will be inspired by those photographs (a little bit like what super Sarah Salway’s been doing of late). 
Now, I’ll not kid you. It’s not going to be a bestseller. It’s not going to be available in bookshops. It’s going to be produced locally, and any profit it makes will go to charity. But it will be very beautiful, I’m sure of that.
And I thought it’d be rather cool if you were involved. So if you’d like to be one of the 20 contributors all you need to do is write a 50 (ish) word poem or short story inspired by the above photograph. Post your story either in my comments box or email it to me by next Wednesday (29th April).  One winner will be picked a little while after that, and that winner will receive a free copy of the finished book.
How’s that sound?