When I was little I drew a lot. I drew, I didn’t write stories. Only, at some point, the two combined and I started writing and drawing comic strips. And I wonder whether it was at that point where It all began.
But until yesterday, when I found the above, I hadn’t seen any of my creations in almost twenty years, I’d assumed they’d been thrown out. Until yesterday, when I found the above, which, oddly enough, is the one I can clearly, vividly, remember drawing. I drew it on my bedroom floor on a Saturday afternoon. I was somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. It was spring. I drew it with a silver Parker propelling pencil I’d been bought for my birthday and I seem to remember that I mispelled ‘pirates’ intentionally. (Yes folks, I was An Individual even then!)
The Pirots and Hunters was a one-off (which, I suppose, makes it even cooler to have found it). I did considerably more editions of an Addams Family/Munsters inspired one (which I can still draw today) – as well as a robot one which looked spookily like Wall.E (which I can also still draw). I do hope they turn up one day.
So there you are, folks. A glimpse into my childhood. 
Below is what’s on the back of the above. I think I must have thought it important that people know EXACTLY what it was, which must be why I wrote everything twice. So it goes.